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The StarDome has partnered with famed Positively Funny Improv to bring comedy classes to our venue.  Positively Funny Improv is the only in-depth comedy training company in Birmingham with professionally developed curriculum and faculty.  We offer classes in:

Basically, if it is about comedy - Positively Funny teaches it.  And now, you can take classes right here in the famous StarDome Comedy Club.

The backgrounds of the instructors  range from the famed Second City in Chicago to SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando and even some home-grown talent from here in Birmingham.  When you choose to learn at the PFI Comedy Institute, you are getting the best from several comedy worlds.  Our curriculum is developed by tenured professionals in the industry and is delivered in an environment that is safe and nurturing.  We offer classes year-round for both adults and teens, as well as specialized summer camps for youth and teens.  We also offer classes that integrate special needs students with our traditional students.

We offer a variety of class days and times to help meet your busy schedules.  Our classes are ideal for both youth/teen and adults. We also offer "distance learning" opportunities for our writing and stand-up classes.

Our students turn to The StarDome and the Positively Funny Improv to amp up their funny.  The StarDome is known as a star-maker and now with in-house classes, we can help you reach the level you are aiming for across all disciplines of comedy. 

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Not sure if you want to sign-up for our Improvisation comedy classes?  Then come get a TASTE of our Improv classes on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2018 at 10:00am at The StarDome.  This workshop is 2 hours in length. Tuition is $20 which is applied to your tuition if you choose to take our Level 101 Intro to Improvisation Fundamentals class.

This workshop gives you a sense of the Level 101 class... It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning...  laughing, learning and meeting new friends.

 No previous experience or prerequisites required.  You can register by clicking HERE.



Level 101 Introduction  to Improvisation

Level 201 Basic Scene Work

Level 301 PFI Games for Performance

The StarDome and Positively Funny Improv offers a full-range of Improvisation classes, from our beginning curriculum to our advanced Master's Level courses.  Whether you want to just have fun, improve your public speaking or pursue a career in Improvisation, we have a class for you.  

Our next Level 101 Introduction to Improvisation Fundamentals starts MONDAY MARCH 5, 2018 at 10:00am at The StarDome.  8 class-sessions, 2 hours in length. Tuition is $195 with 6-months no interest, no payment option available.  This introductory class teaches the basic fundamentals of Improvsation.  Students will focus on the basics that include, agreement through the power of "yes, and..."; living in the moment through focused listening; how to step outside of the box and embrace the creative side; how to lose the internal-editor to free up creativity and other basic level premises.

No previous experience or prerequisites required.  You can register by clicking HERE.

Learn about our Basic Improvisation classes by clicking HERE.


Level 101 Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy

Level 201 Intermediate Stand-Up Comedy

Level 301 The Business of Stand-Up Comedy

Have the itch to try Stand-Up Comedy?  Why not learn from the premier comedy club in America - The StarDome.  In partnership with the famed Positively Funny Inc., we now offer multiple levels of Stand-up Comedy Classes.  Learn to write a joke, how to create a bit for on stage and perform in an upcoming StarDome Comedy Showcase.

Our next Level 101 Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy starts FEBRUYARY 24th, 2018  4 sessions, meeting every other Saturday morning. Tuition is $195 with 6-months no interest, no payment option available through PayPal Credit.  The Level 101 Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy class focuses on giving students a broad understanding of the flavors of stand-up comedy, joke structure and the process needed to properly brainstorm and organize material for joke development. This is a writing-intensive class and meets every other week to allow time for material development.  You can register by clicking HERE.

 Prerequisite: No experience needed. You can register by clicking HERE.

Learn about our Stand-Up classes by clicking HERE.



Level 101 - Introduction to Sketch Comedy Writing

Level 201 - Intermediate Sketch Comedy Writing

Level 301 - Advanced Sketch Comedy Writing

Level 401 - Digital Comedy Shorts

Some people love to be on stage - under the lights - making people laugh.  Others prefer to exercise their comedic talents through the creative process, away from the lights.  Our series of Comedy Sketch Writing classes is perfect for those who have that inner-funny they want to share with the world, but through the safety of the Writer's Room.

The StarDome Comedy Club in partnership with Positively Funny Inc. provides the opportunity to learn how to develop comedy sketches for the stage or for digital consumption through social media.  We even teach you how to become the YouTube star of tomorrow through brilliantly funny digital comedy shorts.  Our talented comedy writing professional team can take you from the blank page to the laugh-filled sketch. The Positively Funny Inc. Writing team is always looking for new talent!

Next Intro to Sketch Writing Class will be in Spring 2018.  8 class-session, 2 hours in length. Tuition is $195 with 6-months no interest, no payment option available.

This introductory class teaches the basics of SNL-style sketch writing - from idea generation to premise development.  This is a great class for those who prefer not being on-stage but want to explore their funny side.

 No previous experience or prerequisites required.  You can register by clicking HERE.



New classes are scheduled all the time.  You can waitlist and be notified the next time classes are offered.

You can waitlist for the next upcoming class by Clicking Here.

















Comedy Showcase Open Mic

The StarDome has the premier open mic in the Southeast.

We are Star makers. If you take stand-up comedy serious, then join our Comedy Showcase.

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