Taboo Poetry Night

Ages 18 and up
Sunday, June 16
Doors: 5pm Show: 6pm
Welcome to the sensual realm of Taunting Taboo where Taboo Poetry Night stands as a beacon of creative expression.  Our flagship event invites visionaries to unleash their sensuality through the art of poetry.  Interested in gracing the stage with your poetry?  Sign up for open mic here

Taunting taboo is more than just an organization, it’s a movement dedicated to shattering societal norms surrounding sex and sexuality.  We’re committed to fostering freedom through empowerment, and self-liberation, creating inclusive spaces where all can explore their desires without judgement.

Join our Taboo Tribe and embark on a journey of liberation with us at www.tautingtaboo.com.  Follow us on Facebook @Taunting Taboo and Instagram @taunting taboo to stay informed about our upcoming events and promotion.  Dare to delve into the taboo and discover the beauty of your desires.