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Laughs with Legends

Friday, October 22
Show | 7pm // Doors | 5:45pm

Laughs with Legends™ is a full-blown comedy show, with a sports twist. The show features professional comedians and professional athletes/
amateur comedians for a night of “Diversity Hilarity.” 

For sports fans, the Legends Liar’s Club™ Is the highlight of the evening. Our NFL greats share a little-known fact about themselves. It is
true for only one former player on stage; each cast member tries to convince the audience that every story is about him…and what you see
isn’t always what you get.

We founded Laughs with Legends™ to reinforce – through comedy – that diverse teams make the best teams. At a time when our nation is plagued with racial and political strife, we continue to break down barriers and bridge differences by laughing…often at ourselves. You can’t win as a team or a nation without coming together for a common goal. And we have the best common goal of all: raising money for CTE and ALS awareness through The Kevin Turner and Goode Foundations.