Guy Torry

Ages 18 and up

Friday, Apr 21 - Thursday, Jan 01
Guy Torry is an amazing actor even more… a respected talented and laugh out loud comedian. With Sold Out shows across the country be sure to catch this GUY as he prepares for his upcoming Comedy Special!
His quick wit and clever thought provoking comedy will have you laughing your @$$ off! Guy has been captivating audiences worldwide on stage television and film.
His roles in movies such as; “American History X” “The Animal ” “Life” ” Pearl Harbor” and “Runaway Jury” have been critically acclaimed. His television credits include; The Tonight Show Def Comedy Jam Comedy Central Politically Incorrect Jimmy Kimmel ESPN and Late Night with Craig Ferguson.
Fans describe his comedy as a pot of HOT boiling Gumbo. A dash of Chris Rock shavings of Richard Pryor a scoop of Lenny Bruce and some spice of George Carlin. Come satisfy your comedy appetite and let GUY TORRY tickle your taste buds with his menu of flavorful humor. Guaranteed to have you sucking on the funny bone.