Shelly Belly

Friday, Sept 15 - Sunday, July 14

If you love relatable comedy then Michelle Rider AKA “Shelly Belly” is the comedian for you. Shelly’s relatable comedy will keep you laughing the entire show, her comedy consists of saying the things that we all think about and don’t want to say but Shelly will with a touch of Naughty. Shelly is taking her quick wit comedy routine from her front porch of South Carolina to the main stage traveling throughout the United States and is now one of the top sought after female comedians throughout the US.

Michelle’s career took off after releasing her comedy skits “Shelly Belly Comedy” online earning her millions of views on social media platforms as ‘Shelly Belly’.

Studio Lambert discovered Shelly Belly on her social media platforms and chose her to be on the on the number one reality show “The Circle” Season 3 on Netflix.

Michelle Rider AKA Shelly Belly has been featured in TV Insider, Bustle, ET, Parade, Esquire, Yahoo News, Women’s Health and many more.