Colossal Comedy Side Show

 The StarDome Comedy Club is not your traditional comedy club and our Open Mic is not the traditional open mic. When you take to the stage at The StarDome, you are walking onto a stage that has been the launching pad for many of the top names in the comedy industry from Steve Harvey to Sinbad to name a few.

We are The StarDome are proud to be a talent incubator for comedy at the national level.  After over 33 years as a professional comedy club in Birmingham, Alabama, our reach spans much further than the local area.  Our venue is recognized as one of America’s top comedy clubs.  Our stage is a much sought after space by the leading names in comedy.  Our relationship with a vast array of talent managers and booking agents positions The StarDome as a “star maker” for the right individual that has what it takes to become the next top comedy star.  The Comedy Showcase Open Mic is the proving ground for new comedic talent.

Please download our Open Mic Guidelines booklet for the rules and regulations for your performance.

Click on this link:  Open Mic Guidelines

An open letter to all open mic comics or those wanting to perform… please click HERE.

To help promote the Open Mic, please click HERE to download a promotional flyer.